Oscilloscope Passive probe

High Voltage X1000 Passive Probe

5KV~20KV High-Voltage Passive Probe 1000:1 HVP3000 Series
Note: The high voltage probe’s specification will be changed, above specification only for you reference All probes meet IEC61010-2-031 CATII, When the red switch point to the print 10M, the high-voltage probe must be connected to the test instrument with 10Mhom impedance; when the red switch point to the print 1M, the high-voltage probe must be connected to the test instrument with 1Mohm impedance.
MODEL HVP3005 HVP3007 HVP3010 HVP3015 HVP3020
Atten.Ratio X1000 X1000 X1000 X1000 X1000
Bandwidth (MHz@3dB) 10 10 10 10 10
Rise-time (ns) 35 35 35 35 35
Input Res. (ohM) 500M 500M 500M 500M 500M
Input Cap. (pF) 3 3 3 3 3
Comp.Range (pF) 15~60 15~60 15~60 15~60 15~60
Max. Input Volt. 5KV DC ACVpp 7KV DC ACVpp 10KV DC ACVpp 15KV DC ACVpp 20KV DC ACVpp
Safety Conformed IEC-61010 CATII
Cable Length 1.5m
20KV~30KV High-Voltage Probe For DMM 1000:1 HVP3200 Series

* The HVP3200 is a 1000:1 divider probe for the measurement of high voltage signals. Up to 30kVDC , 30kV Vpp AC.

* The probe s large size and rugged construction provides superior protection.

* The ground lead is fed through the body of the probe and protrudes behind the safety barrier, keeping the ground connection away from the high voltage.

* Typical applications include PMT s motor drivers, high voltage switches, magnatrons and modern projection systems.

Atten.Ratio X1000 X1000
Input Res. (ohM) 1000M 1000M
Max. Input Volt. DC:0~20KV
AC:0~20KV Vpp
AC:0~30KV Vpp
Accuraccy DC: 3%
AC: 5%
DC: 3%
AC: 5%